How It Works

Fresh Bucks is a healthy food program that helps Seattle neighbors afford fruits and vegetables.
Eligible and enrolled customers receive $40 each month to spend at participating farmers markets, independent grocers, and supermarkets using the Fresh Bucks Card or Healthy Savings app.

Our program enrollment is currently full. We are working on creating an online interest form, which will take the place of our annual enrollment application.  Income-eligible Seattle neighbors who submit an interest form will automatically be placed on a waitlist for Fresh Bucks benefits and will be notified of enrollment if budget becomes available. 

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Received Your Card?

Register your Fresh Bucks account to use your card or app at retailers across Seattle.

How to Use Fresh Bucks

Use your Fresh Bucks Card or app to buy fruits and vegetables at a variety of retailers in Seattle

Farmers Markets

  1. Go to the Information Booth at the market
  2. Scan your Fresh Bucks Card to get paper currency
  3. Shop with any Fresh Bucks vendor for fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables, herbs, and edible plant starts

Independent Grocers and Farm Stands

  1. Shop for fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables
  2. Pay with your Fresh Bucks Card or app


  1. Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Pay with your Fresh Bucks Card or app at checkout 



What Can I Buy with Fresh Bucks?

At Seattle farmers markets, farm stands, and independent grocers:

Buy fresh, frozen, canned, or dried fruits and vegetables with no added fats, sugars, or salt.

At Seattle supermarkets:


Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at participating supermarkets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do my benefits expire?
Yes. Any benefits that you do not use by the end of the month will expire. Unspent benefits do not roll over into the following month.

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Meet our Customers

“I am so grateful for Fresh Bucks. In the past, I wasn’t always able to purchase as many fruits and vegetables as I can now. I have diabetes, and my doctor has been impressed to see that my A1C has lowered since I started using Fresh Bucks. I credit this improvement to the healthier meals I am now able
to afford.”
—Derrick, Fresh Bucks Customer

SNAP/EBT Incentive Programs

If you use a SNAP/EBT card (food stamps), you can access Fresh Bucks Savings, SNAP Market Match, and SNAP Produce Match to help you afford more fruits and vegetables at any participating Fresh Bucks retailer. All you need is your SNAP/EBT card. No additional registration or sign up is needed.

Fresh Bucks Savings at Independent Grocers and Farm Stands

  1. Shop for qualifying fruits and vegetables*
  2. Pay with your EBT card
  3. Get 50% off your qualifying fruits and vegetables* purchase

SNAP Market Match
at the Farmers Market

  1. Go to the market’s Information Booth
  2. Swipe your EBT card for the amount you want to spend at the market
  3. You will receive that amount in EBT tokens AND that same amount in SNAP Market Match dollars.
  4. Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, and plant starts using SNAP Market Match dollars.

SNAP Produce Match
at Supermarkets

  1. Buy at least $10 in qualifying fruits and vegetables* with your EBT card at participating retailers.
  2. Get a $5 coupon printed directly on your receipt to spend on fruits and vegetables on your next shopping trip.

SNAP Market Match and SNAP Produce Match are part of Washington’s State Fruit and Vegetable Incentive program.
*Qualifying fruits and vegetables are any fresh, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables with no added fats, sugars, or salt.