Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep my Fresh Bucks Card? (YES!)

For 2023, we’re doing things differently! Your benefits are extending into 2023 and your current Fresh Bucks Card is the same card you will use through 2023. We will not be sending out new cards for 2023.

You’ll use the same Fresh Bucks Card (or the app) next year, so please keep it safe.

በሚቀጥለው ዓመት ያንኑ ተመሳሳይ የFresh Bucks ካርድ (ወይም መተግበሪያውን) ይጠቀማሉና፣ ስለዚህ እባክዎን በጥንቃቄ ያዙት።

ستستخدم نفس بطاقة Fresh Bucks Card (أو التطبيق) العام المقبل، لذا يرجى الاحتفاظ بها بأمان.

明年您將使用同一張 Fresh Bucks Card(或 app 應用程式),因此請妥善保管。

អ្នកនឹងប្រើកាត Fresh Bucks ដ៏ដែល (ឬកម្មវិធីដ៏ដែល) នៅឆ្នាំក្រោយ ដូច្នេះសូមថែរក្សាវាដោយសុវត្ថិភាព។

내년에도 동일한 Fresh Bucks Card(또는 앱)를 사용해야 하므로 안전하게 보관하시기 바랍니다.

ທ່ານຈະໃຊ້ບັດ Fresh Bucks ໃບດຽວກັນນີ້ (ຫຼືແອັບ) ໃນປີໜ້າ, ສະນັ້ນ ກະລຸນາເກັບຮັກສາບັດໃຫ້ປອດໄພ.

Bara dhufu aka Kaardii Fresh Bucks (ykn app) wal fakkaatu fayyadamta, kanaaf maaloo nageenya isaa eeggadhu.

В следующем году вы будете продолжать пользоваться той же самой картой Fresh Bucks (или приложением), поэтому, пожалуйста, берегите ее.

Waxaad isticmaali doontaa isla kaadhkaaga Fresh Bucks (ama appka) sanadka soo socda, markaa fadlan ha iska xoorin kaarkaaga.

Seguirá utilizando la misma tarjeta Fresh Bucks (o la aplicación) el año entrante, así que cuídela.

Inyong gagamitin ang kaparehong Fresh Bucks Card (o ang app) sa susunod na taon, kaya ito ay ingatan.

ንዓመታ እውን ነቲ ዘለኩም ካርድ ፍረሽ ባክስ (Fresh Bucks) (ወይ መተግበሪ ሞባይል) ክትጥቀምሉ ስለዝኾንኩም፣ ብጥንቃቐ ሓዝዎ።

Quý vị sẽ sử dụng cùng một Thẻ Fresh Bucks Card (hoặc ứng dụng) vào năm tới, vì vậy hãy giữ kỹ thẻ.

What are Fresh Bucks electronic benefits?

Fresh Bucks is moving to electronic benefits. That’s right—no more paper vouchers! Instead, you will get access to a Fresh Bucks account and your benefits will be automatically loaded each month. You can spend your benefits to buy fruits and vegetables at participating retailers by using your Fresh Bucks Card or app. Get started by activating your account online.

How do I use my new Fresh Buck Card or app to buy fruits and vegetables?

You can use your Fresh Bucks Card or app to purchase fruits and vegetables at any participating retailer. At checkout, the cashier will scan the barcode on the back of the card or on the app, and the cost of your fruit and vegetable purchase will be deducted automatically from your account balance.

What is the Fresh Bucks app?

The Fresh Bucks app is another way you can purchase fruits and vegetables with your Fresh Bucks. Downloading the app is not required, but you can use it to check your benefit balance, review recent transactions, find a store near you, and more! To find the app, search “Healthy Savings” in the Apple App Store® or Google Play® Store.

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

How much is loaded into my account each month?

The standard benefit is $40. Your Fresh Bucks account will be loaded with $40 on the 1st of each month. Your account is linked to your Fresh Bucks Card and app.

Any unused benefits will expire at the end of each month, so be sure to shop each month to maximize your benefits. You can check your benefits balance online or via the app.

Where can I shop with my Fresh Bucks Card or app?
What can I buy with my Fresh Bucks Card or app?

You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at supermarkets, and fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables (with no added fats, sugars, or salt) at farmers markets and independent grocers.

How do I check my balance?

To check your benefits balance, log in to your account or app and view your balance under the My Account tab. If you haven’t registered your account, click here and enter your 17-digit card number and 4-digit security code from the back of your card.

I lost my Fresh Bucks Card – how do I replace it?

If you lose your Fresh Bucks Card, please notify us right away and we can replace it. We will terminate the lost card and issue a new card to you. You can also login to your account to print a temporary card or use the app to make purchases. In the meantime, there are several ways you can continue to access your benefits:

  • Login to your account and click on “Cards” to request a replacement card or print a temporary card.
  • Use the app to make purchases! If you have not done so already, you can download the app by searching “Healthy Savings” in the Apple App Store® or Google Play® Store. With the app you can spend your benefits at participating retailers, check your benefit balance, review recent transactions, find a store near you, and more!
Are benefits transferable?

Fresh Bucks benefits are intended for your household. The Fresh Bucks Card is assigned to one member of your household, but anyone from your household can shop with it. Benefits are not transferable to other households.

Do my benefits expire?

Yes. Benefits that are not used will expire at the end of the month. Be sure to use your full monthly benefit by the end of each month.

I am not a Seattle resident – am I eligible for Fresh Bucks?

No. Fresh Bucks is funded by the City of Seattle, including from the Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax. Only residents who live within the Seattle city limits qualify for the program. Use this tool to see if you live within the city limits.

I moved – how do I update my mailing address?

Please keep your address current with us! If your address changes, let us know as soon as possible. Email us at or call us at 206-256-5438 and provide the following:

  • Full name (as it was entered on your application)
  • Current address on file
  • New address

Additionally, we encourage you submit a Change-of-Address update with USPS.

How do I get information in other languages?

Fresh Bucks information is available in 14 languages: አማርኛ, العربية, 简体中文, English, ខ្មែរ, 한국어, ລາວ, Afaan Oromoo, Русский, Soomaali, Español, Tagalog, ትግርኛ, Tiếng Việt.

You may request to have communication sent in your preferred language by emailing us at or calling 206-256-5438.