Fresh Bucks Program Policies

Fresh Bucks values your participation and strives to provide the best experience for all our customers. To maintain the effectiveness and equitable distribution of resources within our program, we have established the following program policies:  

Benefits Usage Policy

We encourage customers to use their benefits every month to remain enrolled in Fresh Bucks. Fresh Bucks benefits are intended for your household, not just one person. If someone is sick, traveling, etc., anyone from your household can shop and use benefits. 

If you don’t use your benefits for three months in a row, you are subject to being removed from the Fresh Bucks program.   

We will contact you if you don’t use your benefits for three months in a row. We will email you (if we have your email address) and mail a letter to the address on file. If you haven’t used your benefits within two months after getting the mailed letter, you will be removed from the program. We will send you a final confirmation letter informing you that you have been disenrolled. All communications will be sent in your preferred language.  

Benefits Reinstatement Policy

If you were disenrolled from Fresh Bucks, you can contact us within two-months of receiving the confirmation letter and request to rejoin the program. You must contact us directly to make this request at or 206-256-5438. Please note you can only request to rejoin one time.  

If you contact us within 30 days of being removed from the program, we will reactivate your original card, and you can start using your benefits right away. If you contact us between 31 and 60 days after being removed from the program, we will help you get a replacement card before you can use your benefits again.  

If you don’t contact us within two months of being removed from the program, we cannot reactivate your account.